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Our immigration law practice is founded on the deep respect that we have for our clients.

Whether you are considering immigration, becoming a citizen, or fighting deportation, you are our number one priority. We help our clients by listening, providing education, and supporting them with their immigration needs.

We work with immigrants from all around the globe, including India, Mexico, Europe, and the Middle East.

Family-Based Immigration

United States citizens who are originally from other countries often want to reunite their family.

They may file petitions for their parents, siblings, husbands, wives, and children to become permanent United States residents. If you are a current permanent resident, you can choose to petition the court for your spouse and children to join you as permanent residents.

Employment-Based Immigration

Our law firm assists people with business and employment-based, non-immigrant, and other temporary or non-immigrant visas.

Regardless of your employment needs or situation, we can counsel you as to which visas may meet your needs. Our associates can also educate you on how employment-based immigrant visas are made available and explain how the decision process works, including the different categories that receive priority in receiving a visa. We’ll help you with the process and explain what documentation is required. If needed, we can also provide immigration law representation in the court system.

Visas (K-1 Visa, L-1 Visa, R-1 Visa, V Visa)

The United States government offers a wide variety of visas to meet specific and diverse immigration needs.

We represent clients who need assistance with many of these visas including K1 fiancée visas, L1 non-immigrant temporary visas for workers, R visas for temporary religious workers, and V visas for family immigration of spouses and minor children. Consulting with attorney S. G. Morrow & Associates can help answer your questions and give you guidance about your legal rights.

Political Asylum and Citizenship Proceedings

We have successfully obtained political asylum (protection by a nation for political refugees) for many clients.

We can help you determine your eligibility for asylum and explain the necessary steps to take to receive asylum.

At the Law Firm of S.G. Morrow and Associates, we do not shy away from the tough immigration questions. We take a client-centric view, and will make sure that you receive the visa that you need, be it a business visa, student visa, or another type of documentation. We can assist you in obtaining political asylum, and can represent you in cases involving your citizenship status.

We have over 20 years of experience in family and immigration law, and will act in the best interests of you and your family when it comes to citizenship and your citizenship application.


Some of our major
practice areas include

At the Law Office of S. G. Morrow & Associates, our focus is on family law and immigration law. With more than 20 years of experience as Divorce Lawyer, we provide a unique blend of legal services for clients where these fields intersect, such as foreign marriages and divorces. Some of our major practice areas include :

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speaking both English and Spanish, because she wanted to offer better representation for her clients. Great representation starts with great communication. Our office is located in Aventura (formerly part of Miami), near the neighborhood of Little Haiti. If you need an immigration lawyer in North Miami or anywhere else in South Florida, contact our office at 786-558-4950 for a consultation today.