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Military Divorce Attorney

Where a military divorce is concerned, federal law often trumps state law.

At the Law Offices of S. G. Morrow & Associates, our firm provides comprehensive advice and guidance on a wide variety of military divorce issues. We strive to help military servicemen and women, or civilians married to members of the military, deal with their family law matters as efficiently and effectively as possible. Attorney Stephanie G. Morrow is an experienced divorce attorney who is familiar with The Uniformed Services Former Spouses Protection Act (USFSPA) as it applies to all active duty, Combat Related Special Compensation (CRSC), and Concurrent Retirement and Disability Pay (CRDP) as it may apply to some Military Retired Personnel.

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The Soldier’s Relief Act provides a number of protections

for members of the armed forces (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines) when it comes to family law issues. According to the act, soldiers are prevented from being served with a divorce as long as they are deployed. This is just one benefit that allows military servicemen and women to focus on their job of serving our country and address family law issues when they return from deployment.

As part of the State’s requirements, all petitions for Dissolution of Marriage (a/k/a Divorce) must include a document known as a Non-Military Affidavit. This affidavit swears that the other party is not a member of the military. However, if the soldier wants to get divorced and there is either no property to be divided or the parties have settled all issues as to property and children, this can be done by way of a marital settlement agreement.

Jurisdiction in Military Divorce Cases

Jurisdiction cannot be waived. To file a divorce in the State of Florida, one of the parties must be a resident of the state.

This is usually demonstrated, or proved, by way of a Florida driver’s license. Attorney Stephanie Morrow has represented numerous soldiers that have been stationed in another state, such as California, whose spouses have resided in Florida. She has also handled cases where both the Husband and Wife were residents of Florida and both were stationed abroad in a country such as Germany. Her experience in these types of cases adds to her ability to represent clients throughout the country and world. Under the proper set of circumstances, active military personnel may be allowed to appear telephonically rather than in person.

Unfortunately, the Military divorce rate is high as a direct result of the constant deployments to IRAQ and AFGHANISTAN, coupled with relocation requirements imposed on military personnel and their families that create tremendous burden and stresses. One of the major concerns of the service men and women as they are involved in a military divorce/dissolution of marriage is what will happen to their military pension or veteran benefits after divorce. Attorney Stephanie G. Morrow is the experienced attorney you need to get through your military divorce without ruining your veteran benefits or pension.

Most post dissolution of marriage litigation involves the enforcement of military retirement provisions contained in the Final Judgment. It is imperative that the family law practitioner understands the nuances involved with military retirement pay. For example, retirement pay is divisible, combat-related special compensation is not.


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