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Whether you are going through a divorce or you want modifications to your current child custody and visitation plan,

it is important to understand your parental rights. At the Miami Law Offices of S. G. Morrow & Associates, we will answer your questions about child custody and help you understand your options. It is important to understand that both parents have rights, and an experienced attorney can make sure your parental rights are protected.

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At our family law firm, our clients are our first priority. As a result of recent Florida legislation, the previous terms of “primary residential,” “custody,”and “visitation” no longer exists. The term “Timesharing is now used to set out what used to be called visitation and custody arrangements. The thought behind these changes is that except in very limited situations, neither parent should be designated as the primary residential parent. Both parents should be involved in developing a time sharing agreement so that both parties will have a meaningful relationship with their child(ren).

Understanding Child Custody

Child custody in Florida is divided into two categories: residential custody and parental responsibility.

Residential custody reflects with whom the child primarily resides. Sole/Shared Parental Responsibility determines how the child is parented. Our family lawyer, Stephanie G. Morrow & Associates, will help you understand your options and come up with a plan that works for your family:

  • Shared Parental Responsibility: Shared parental responsibility is awarded in the majority of cases. The concept is that both parents should be involved with raising their child(ren). This custody arrangement is awarded where parents can work together in making major decisions in the upbringing of their child(ren).
  • Sole Parental Responsibility: This arrangement is awarded where one of the two parents is unable or unwilling to co-parent.

Time Sharing Plan

It is important for both parents to work together to develop a time sharing plan that protects their parental rights and works for their child(ren).


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Whether you are going through a divorce or you were never married,

it is important to find out all your parental rights before you take action regarding your child custody or visitation plan. Contact our Miami office today for more information about our legal services in Spanish and English. Hablamos español.