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Finances are one of the biggest stressors in any marriage.

If a couple decides to end their marriage, divvying up property or other financial assets can potentially cause an even messier divorce. In order to fully protect your individual assets and property, it may be in your best interests to explore the possibility of creating a prenuptial agreement.

Your Prenuptial Agreement

While some individuals may try to write their own prenuptial agreement,

it may fail to meet the requirements of Florida law—and thus be discarded. That’s why having an attorney write or assist in writing a prenuptial agreement helps both parties. At the Law Offices of S.G. Morrow & Associates, we provide clients with the advice and guidance they need.
The creation of a prenuptial agreement is a process that should not be rushed, regardless of how soon the marriage is taking place. By enlisting our assistance before your anticipated marriage, you can ensure that your agreement will work in your best interest and that of your future spouse. By seeking the counsel and advice of legal counsel well in advance of the actual filing of the legal marriage license, time is left for any negotiation with your spouse-to-be.
Our firm understands that discussing money, property, and possibility of divorce (or dissolution of the engagement prior to the wedding) can be extremely emotional for all involved. The situation becomes even more emotional if the couple already has a child or children together. Therefore, the attorneys at S.G. Morrow & Associates are committed to conducting efficient negotiations and attempt to minimize the stress experienced by the parties. Weddings can be stressful enough; crafting your prenuptial agreement shouldn’t have to be!
Like many laws, Florida laws regarding prenuptial agreements are reviewed and revised frequently. To best serve our clients, our firm is diligent in staying current and updated on any changes in the laws related to prenuptial agreements. We examine all new information and apply it to our clients’ cases and situations whenever necessary. It is important that your prenuptial agreement falls within the bounds of any new laws; if not, you may risk the agreement being null and void.

Postnuptial Agreement After the Wedding

If you did not establish a prenuptial agreement, it is still possible to protect your individual rights and property after the wedding.

Our firm can assist you in creating or negotiating a postnuptial agreement whenever necessary. Postnuptial agreements cover similar topics as prenuptial agreements, including rights to use or control property, spousal support, and children’s property rights. The decision to create a postnuptial agreement can occur at any time, such as one spouse receiving a large inheritance or when both spouses realize they would now like to have such a contract. Like prenuptial agreements, it is important to talk to an experienced attorney who can help you draft and finalize the agreement, making sure it meets all requirements to be accepted under Florida law.
We are committed to helping you protect what is rightfully yours. Contact our office today and schedule your confidential consultation to discuss prenuptial agreements and premarital contracts. If you need a prenuptial agreement lawyer in Pembroke Pines or anywhere else in South Florida, call us at our Aventura, Florida office at 786-558-4950 for a consultation.


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