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How Can I Change My Child Support Order?

Child support payments are a very touchy subject.

Many people think that a child support order is set in stone after a divorce is finalized. The State of Florida uses a specific formula codified in the law to decide just how much a parent has to pay. As a child ages and circumstances change in the lives of both parents, that initial number may be too much or not enough.

It may be necessary to return to court to get your child support amount updated. You will have to show the court why things have changed and why the current payment is no longer fair. You don’t have to do it alone. S.G. Morrow & Associates can be by your side in the courtroom fighting for your rights.

What are the requirements to change a child support order?

The Florida Department of Revenue is the branch of government that handles child support payments.

They require certain circumstances before a support order can be changed. First, if there is six months or less time before the support order ends, they will not change the order. Most child support order changes take around six months to complete. It is a slow process.

Second, one of two conditions must apply.

  • Support orders can be reviewed or changed only once every three years OR
  • You can show that a significant change has happened in your life or the child’s life that necessitates a change.

If enough time has passed since your last review, you don’t necessarily need a reason to ask for a review. Examples of a significant change include things like the gain or loss of employment or the disability of a child.

Other reasons to change child support orders

You can also address the court’s child support order for other reasons besides changing the value amount.

You can ask the court to extend the duration of the child support order up to certain limits. You can also ask the court to add or remove a child from a child support order, which is something that often comes up in paternity cases. You can also ask to add or remove something called medical support.

Medical support is a special classification of child support that’s meant to cover medical costs and insurance costs for the child. This can add significant costs to a child support order, but for a child who is disabled, it can make all the difference in the world.

How to start the process of changing a child support order

The first thing to do is to contact a qualified family law attorney like Attorney Morrow.

She will review the current court order and talk with you about the situation, then advise you of your chances for a successful child support order change. If you choose to go ahead with the order, she will file the order with the court and keep you updated on the progress. Asking for a review is a fairly simple procedure, but you will need to provide documentation, including all prior court orders, for a speedy consultation.

If you live in Boca Raton or anywhere else in the South Florida area, get a family lawyer on your side that you can trust. Contact S.G. Morrow & Associates.


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