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More families in Miami have discovered the joy of bringing a child into their life. But to make that dream become a reality, the best option is to hire an experienced and skilled Miami adoption attorney.
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Oct 11
Discover the Gift of Adoption in Miami

It was a birthday party 40-year-old Robert Mitten will never forget. The Wellington, FL man received the gift of adoption papers from his 18-year-old stepson Damian. The heartwarming scene was captured on a viral youtube video on September 2. The tears of joy rolling down Mitten’s face truly illustrate what an amazing gift adoption can bring to a family. Countless families throughout Florida are unable to have children of their own. However, many are discovering adoption as a wonderful way to give a child a loving family.

The story of Mitten is not uncommon. He had been taking care of his stepson since the boy was 2-years-old. Damian’s father had left the family when he was a toddler. When Mitten married Damian’s mother, he took full responsibility of raising the child as his own. Over the years, he performed all the duties every loving father can do. He taught his stepson right from wrong, how to ride a bike and helped him with his schoolwork. But there was just one issue. Mitten had to wait until Damien was 18-years-old to officially adopt him as his son. The adoption process took so because he was afraid the biological father would show up at any time. But in the end, Damian chose Milton to be his dad. After all, Mitten was the only father figure he had known his entire life.

Throughout Miami, there are many more amazing adoption stories. Most of them have never been told. The adoption process is not easy. It is critical to have a Miami adoption attorney on your side to help navigate through the process. It is important to understand not all adoptions are the same. They generally fall into three different categories:

International adoptions:

One of the best options is to provide a loving home to a child from a foreign country. All international adoptions in Miami must comply with Florida laws for adoption. During this process, the adoption agency will handle the paperwork and travel arrangements. Once the child arrives into the country, they should become a United States citizen. During this process, an adoption attorney can help with obtaining an English birth certificate and  social security number. This will help your child enroll for school or obtain a Florida driver’s license.

Relative adoptions:

Not all parents have the capabilities to properly raise their child. In some cases, a grandparent, sibling or uncle may be in a better position to provide the best environment for the child. An adoption attorney can provide sound advice to legally transfer parental responsibilities to a relative who can provide a better home.

Stepparent adoptions:

When a stepparent demonstrates they are firmly involved in the child’s life and have the proper resources to be a good, the court can grant a stepparent adoption. There is one important condition. The spouse and the child’s non-custodial parent must provide consent–unless the child was abandoned. Under Florida family law, the stepparent must also receive consent from the adoptee, if the child is older than 12 years of age.

More families in Miami have discovered the joy of bringing a child into their life. But to make that dream become a reality, the best option is to hire an experienced and skilled Miami adoption attorney.

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