Just in Time for a Postnuptial Agreement
This is an agreement you and your spouse sign after you get married. It is more or less the same as a prenup.
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Dec 8
Just in Time for a Postnuptial Agreement

Wedding planning can be so stressful and time consuming that you forget to do some financial planning for your future and your family’s future. A prenuptial agreement is an incredible roadmap in case of divorce. However, couples who missed the opportunity of creating a prenuptial agreement can also benefit from a postnuptial agreement. A postnuptial agreement may be more suitable for your particular situation but you must ask your Aventura postnuptial agreement attorney first.

What is a postnuptial agreement?

This is an agreement you and your spouse sign after you get married. It is more or less the same as a prenup. In other words, you will include how your marital assets and overall finances will be handled in case you decide to end your relationship. There are also other points and responsibilities included, which your attorney will explain in more details.

Why should you opt for a postnuptial agreement?

The reasons can vary from person to person. One of the most common reasons is couples with children from previous relationships. It’s important to establish who gets what and avoid unnecessary legal battles. Also, you want to make sure your children’s needs are met if something ever happens to you. Postnuptial agreements will keep you safe and secure during the stormy seasons of your life.

Something to keep in mind

If you and your fiance would like to request a postnuptial agreement, make sure you hire an experienced Aventura postnuptial agreement attorney. Your attorney will help you figure out what important issues you should cover and make sure nothing is missing.

Prenuptial or postnuptial?

Some couples may not know the difference between these two agreements. A prenuptial agreement is the best approach in most cases since the courts want to know about assets before the couple came into the union. However, a postnuptial agreement can be very useful as well. A postnuptial agreement may be more difficult to enforce while a prenuptial agreement can protect your assets even prior to getting married. Once you enter the union, your property is considered marital property. However, if you are already married and you are considering a postnuptial agreement, you can receive some protection.

Should you have a postnuptial agreement?

In every marriage there is always the possibility of a divorce. More than half of marriages end up in a divorce court therefore creating a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement is a way to approach your relationship realistically and ensure your assets are fully protected. It is crucial that you specify how your assets would be divided in case of divorce.

Your future matters

While most people agree that living in the present moment is a healthy approach to life, it is also important to plan for things you can’t control in your future. It’s never too late to protect what’s yours with a postnuptial agreement. Call us today and schedule your initial case assessment with family law attorney Stephanie G. Morrow.

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